The Club’s current officers for the year ending September 30th are the following.

Board Members

The Board is made up of eight members of the Kiwanis Club of Middletown. These elected board members serve two year terms.

The board members serving for the years 2022-2024 are the following.

The board members serving for the years 2023-2025 are the following.

Committee Chairs

Community Service Committee

Service is at the heart of Kiwanis. How can our club meet the needs of the community? The community service committee seeks to answer this question and will present the club various projects throughout the year that will seek to address the community needs.

Financial Review Committee, Terry Saturno

The financial review committee performs an annual financial audit of club accounts. The audit report is submitted to club leadership for approval.  

Finance & Fundraising Committee, Chuck Krogslund

A successful fundraiser educates the club and community about an issue, brings in enough donations to make an impact and brings people together for a common cause. It’s club team building, community building for our area and support building for your cause.  The finance & fundraising committee works towards putting on well organized, fun and successful fundraisers throughout the year.

Human & Spiritual Aims Committee

The human & spiritual aims committee……………. 

Membership Growth & Education Committee, Jon Thompson

The membership growth & education committee monitors all aspects of membership, including bringing in new members, teaching them and then ensuring that the member experience meets everyone’s expectations. The membership chair develops new member prospects, recruitment opportunities and plans membership drives and special club meetings for prospective members. The chair sets membership goals with input from the club president, secretary, lieutenant governor and governor. 

Public Relations Committee, Debbie Walsh

The public relations committee contributes directly to the success and growth of your club growth, projects and events. The committee develops media contacts, puts together well-written and branded communications, and create a web presence that attracts attention.  The main goal of the public relations committee is to spread the word of the remarkable work our club is doing.

Young Children Priority One Committee, Diane Flynn

The Young Children Priority One committee……………

Service Leadership Programs Committee

Kiwanis provides opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to serve, lead, grow and belong. Our club’s Service Leadership Programs (SLP) committee includes Kiwanis club advisors for each of our sponsored SLP clubs. The committee’s main objective is to provide support for each club in the form of financial sponsorship, training for advisors and leaders and guidance in event and meeting planning.  

If you are interested in becoming a member of Kiwanis, please E-MAIL us.